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  • Quality Extra Large Stencils.

    Fabulously Extra Large Stencils, making stencilling a large area really easy.

    50.8cm x 60.96cm   20″ x 24″

    0.25mm thickness

  • Luxe Decoupage Paper 40gsm application:

    • When designing your piece using decoupage paper, remember that all true decoupage papers are transparent. A brightly coloured or white background will give a clear, crisp image once the glue has dried. A dark background will dull the image to create a moody or softer look.
    • We recommend the wet decoupage method over other traditional methods when using our Luxe Decoupage Papers for best results, as follows:-
    1. When starting to apply your Luxe Decoupage Paper, work in 10cm sections at a time.
    2. Add a THIN layer of glue or topcoat to your project.
    3. Mist the back of your Luxe Decoupage Paper with a spritz of water. This creates suction when the paper is applied and should eliminate most wrinkles.
    4. Place the top edge of your Luxe decoupage paper on to the glued area of the project.
    5. Take your blue applicator tool (cheap as chips and an invaluable tool), or a balled piece of glad wrap/saran wrap/cling film to smooth the Luxe Decoupage Paper over the glued area working from the top down or the middle to the outside edge.
    6. Move to the next section of the Luxe Decoupage Paper adding another THIN layer of glue or topcoat to your project, spritzing with water if needed, then again using our blue applicator tool to smooth the Luxe Decoupage Paper over the glued area working from the top down or the middle to the outside edge. Repeat until you have adhered the entire Luxe Decoupage Paper to your project.
    7. Once dry, seal with a clear water based top coat to protect your Luxe Decoupage Paper. You can then paint and blend over the edges of the Luxe Decoupage Papers to soften them.
    8. Remember! THIN coat of adhesive, spritz with water and smooth with our blue applicator tool. It’s as easy as that!
  • Self Adhesive Decoupage Print

    • Make sure your project is clean and dry. Ensure the surface area on your project has been sealed and is dry before applying the print.
    • Carefully take your print out of the tube and gently lay it flat for 48 hours before use. Do not try to roll it back on itself to flatten it out. Do not struggle with it or try to smooth it out.
    • Find the middle point on both your project and your print, so that you get the image central.
    • Along the shortest edge, peel back about 5cm (2″) of the backing paper and fold it down. This will be your starting edge – don’t peel all of the backing paper off – you don’t want to become one with the print!
    • Lay the print down on your project in the same direction that it has been rolled. Most of the images are landscape and have been rolled portrait. It is easier to work with the direction of the roll, rather than the direction of the print.
    • Use the felt end of our blue self adhesive decoupage applicator tool to push the air bubbles out in sweeping motions, working from the centre outwards, while gently pulling the backing paper off slowly with your other hand as you go. You need to apply pressure with the tool and really burnish the image onto the project.
    • Continue to do this until the backing paper is all removed. Check for air bubbles as you go. If you are covering drawers or cupboard fronts, you will need a sharp craft knife to neatly cut around the edges of the drawers/doors once the print is on.
    • Use the applicator tool to burnish the print well and adhere the print to your project. Paying extra attention to any cut edges. Seal the edges of the print, including any cut edges with a water based sealer. Do not use PVA glue to seal your print.
    • As your self adhesive decoupage print is made from PVC vinyl there is no need to seal the top.
    • Check out our tutorials on how to use the Self Adhesive Decoupage print on our social pages.

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